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Fire Hose Couplings
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Stainless steel CF8M
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Foshan Jinda Technology co., ltd
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Basic Info.
Investment casting, also say, lost wax casting and precision casting
Product Description
Product attributes
Part NameStainless steel Fire hose couplings
Production processInvestment casting, also say, lost wax casting and precision casting
Max. size300mm*300mm
Max. weight60.00Kg
MaterialStainless steel CF8M
Surface treatmentElectro-polishing and machining
Tolerance standardVDGP690-D2 class
Heat treatmentSolution treatment
Surface roughnessRa1.6-6.3

Product details

*Stainless steel fire hose couplings, we produced it for our customer from France. It is used in fire system. There are various specifications for this type of product, they are made by investment casting process, also say, lost wax casting process.

*Investment casting can meet high surface quality and high . Our main business is to make OEM for my customers, if you need, please contact us with our customer service specialists.

*They are commonly used to quickly connect and disconnect hoses during the delivery of water, which are available in a wide range of types in both British and International styles. Our most popular fire hose couplings are Instantaneous and we also supply Hydrant Valves, Dividing Breechings and Standpipes to suit this coupling.  

*Underground Hydrants and accessories are also available along with International styles including Barcelona Couplings and Storz Couplings.

*Used for combining water band with water band, fire hydrant, water lance and fire-fighting truck so that they are to supply water or foam misture for putting out fire.

*Fire hose couplings are fitted onto the ends fire hose to enable the fire hose to be connected to a fire hydrant & also allow other fire fighting equipment, such as nozzles, to be attached for the purpose of fighting a fire.


Q, How to do it if we also want to buy?

A, Please send us your drawing or sample about the part, we will make the tooling according to your drawing, then use your tooling to produce.

Q, Can we directly purchase this part from your side.

A, I’m sorry that you can not purchase it from our side, because it is customized by my customer.

Q, Do we need to pay the cost of tooling?

A, Yes, it is necessary, but the tooling is belong to you, we don’t use it for third party.

Q.What is your quotation process?

A.At first, you need to send us the drawings or sample, we will study the technology process included casting and machining as per your drawings or samples, then we can give you our quotation.

Q.When can you finish making tooling and samples

A.Usually, the samples can be given within around 20 days after receiving your official order.

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