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Intelligent handle weight and temperature measuring rod luggage
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Trolley Case
Black, gray, silver
Aluminum-magnesium alloy
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Founded in:
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Zhejiang Hangzhou
Physical Distribution:
European and American countries, Japan
Basic Info.
Model NO.:
24 inches 46x26x67cm, 28 inches 52x31x78cm
Can be screen printed, transferred, and customized
Product Description

Do you want to carry more things when traveling or negotiating abroad?

Product Item: Trolley Case

Product features: fast temperature measurement and high temperature intelligent warning handle function, intelligent weighing and overweight intelligent warning handle function, silent universal wheel, waterproof box, impact-resistant, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, stylish appearance​

Product Name: Smart Handle Measuring Weight Measuring Temperature Measuring Rod Suitcase

Number: TB-8091

Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy (acceptable material PC, PP, ABS and so on)

24 inches 46x26x67cm, 28 inches 52x31x78cm

LOGO: Can be screen printed, transferred, and customized

Functionality: The bag is light and convenient, and there is a multi-functional inner bag inside, which is easy to store and classify items

Delivery time: can be completed within 25-30 days, can coordinate rapid production on-line and delivery

Product advantages: The large-capacity trolley case allows you to go out without lacking necessary supplies, and you don’t need to prepare other handbags. The trolley case has a variety of sizes and colors, and the inner bags and compartments are clearly classified, which can be quickly tested during the epidemic Temperature and high temperature intelligent warning handle function, you can carry casual clothes and daily necessities for short-term trips, and you don’t have to worry about the weight of your luggage because of the smart weighing and overweight intelligent warning handle function, the appearance is stylish, the wheels are quiet and wear-resistant, and can be OEM. Single production. Long-term export to Japan and European and American markets, good quality, fast delivery in a short time, and low price

The company continues to develop and design trolley travel bags, suitcases, tugboat bags, PP cases, ABS suitcases, ABS tugboat bags, travel tugboat bags, advertising gifts, suitcases, advertising gifts, trolley bags, mold opening, production and manufacturing, which belong to the manufacturer's direct sales. For quality, we insist on 100% excellent checks and inspections, and a cordial and enthusiastic service attitude. We sincerely welcome your consultation. It also accepts customization of unique shape design, text content, color matching, size and width. It can be used as store advertising gifts, event exhibition opening gifts, business advertising promotional materials, VIP card gifts, etc. Other novel design styles can also be produced, and your company is welcome to provide design drawings to facilitate valuation.

Country of Origin: Mainland China

Sales method: manufacture, cooperation, export

Export trade terms: CIF delivery terms including freight and insurance premiums, FOB delivery terms at the port of departure

Sales target markets: Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore

Inquiry payment method: T.T. wire transfer, L/C letter of credit​

Excellent quality: smart handle to measure weight and measure temperature trolley suitcase

Fast delivery: production capacity 1000 pieces, estimated delivery time 30 days, using 1 CARTON for packaging, delivery port is Guangdong Zhongshan Port

Accept unique design or logo: accept special design or LOGO

Suitable for promotional items or gifts

Environmentally friendly products: 28-inch ABS caster travel trolley case made of ABS, has obtained SGS certification

Various designs: LUCKY-YEH ENTERPRICE CO. LTD. provides various designs of 28-inch ABS universal wheel travel trolley case

Accept small orders: LUCKY-YEH ENTERPRICE CO. LTD. accepts inquiries and the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces

28-inch ABS universal wheel travel trolley case accepts ODM commissioned by the original factory

28-inch ABS universal wheel travel trolley case​Accept original factory commissioned OEM manufacturing

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